Perpetual Motion – Bhaskara’s Wheel – Free Energy

This is my home made perpetual motion machine. It started as a science fair project on renewable energy (powered by gravity). It is based on Bhaskara’s wheel design which is a type of overbalanced wheel very similar to several designs by Leonardo Da Vinci. I plan to add a small generator to it to generate electricity, free energy!

My overbalanced wheel is a homemade perpetual motion machine that I intend on turning into a generator in order to produce free energy by taking advantage of the earth’s gravity.

It is based off of an overbalanced wheel model designed by Bhaskara (an Indian mathematician).There are many other designed made by people such as; Leonardo da Vinci, Brownian, Gedanken, Honnecourt, Taccola, Zimara, and Villard.

This machine may also be known as a; water mill, Persian water wheel, Villard’s wheel, Brownian ratchet, mass leverage machine, gravity wheel, Bhaskara’s wheel, or even a magic wheel.

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  1. I wonder if the angle of the bottle puts the mass of liquid farther to the left side for a slightly longer Time, than on the right side. (assuming this is a real experiment) To test this, maybe if the bottle were radially straight out, it might Not allow the wheel from continues turning. (assuming wind or trickery is effecting this experiment)

  2. Good luck on generating any power with it. It will stop very fast as soon as you connect any type of useable load. Waste of time.

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