DIY Vintage Industrial Retro Style Steel Pipe Self-Extinguishing Candlestick

Most of us can recall a childhood fascination with the flickering flame .Whether because of a blackout or budding romance, candles are useful and pleasant. They are also a massive fire risk.

So In this video, I show the process of creating a candlestick, with a useful self-extinguishing function. Enjoy watchingThe device features a pendulum with a needle on the end, which is inserted into one side of the wax close to the bottom of the candle.

As the wick burns, the wax melts and releases the needle, allowing the weight to swing down – pulling with it a domed cap that falls over the flame to put it out.I never use plastic or paint in my works.

But this simple DIY device possesses an ingenious feature,it extinguishes the candle before the wick has a chance to burn out.It is a simple design that uses a movable pendulum attached to an arm with a cupped extinguisher.

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